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Mailbox Germany

You shop it, we ship it!

Services & Prices

This page gives you an overview about our forwarding process.
You will also find all the prices for our forwarding service here.
Please note that this page ist supposed to give you an overview of the important aspects so it is easy to understand the process as a whole. You will find more information on those terms in our learn section.


This is an overview about the conditions and regulations we have for accepting your shipments.
Please note that only shipments sent from within the European Union will be accepted at your mailbox account.

As soon as a shipment arrives at our warehouse you'll be notified via email. We also offer you to take a picture of the shipment and its content. See additional services for more information.

It is important to know, that all received shipments will be opened and reviewed.

In order to check the condition of your goods and to identify excluded or dangerous goods all shipments will be opened. All original packed and sealed products will not be unpacked during the reception.
We use certain terms and dimension units to describe our services. Please have a look at our learn section.

For every item received by Mailbox Germany, no matter if it is a parcel, a letter or any other shipment, we charge a reception fee depending on the tariff you choose.
The following table shows all prices for receptions.

Reception fees Tariff Free Tariff Private Tariff Professional
Letter (up to 1000g)
Parcel (up to 31kg)
Overweight (per kg) 0,50 € 0,30 € 0,20 €
Bulky goods 5,00 € 4,00 € 3,00 €
EUR-pallet 11,90 € 11,90 € 11,90 €


Only shipments sent as in the letter form and containing documents or printed material only will be charged with an reception fee for letters.

Letters containing goods like CDs, DVDs, mobile devices or anything else that is not printed material will be received by us as any other parcel and therefore will be charged with the according reception fee.

This only applies for the reception of letters. You can, of course, ship everything as a letter as long as size and weight fit to the given limitations.


When we receive your parcel, we have to consider certain limitations of weight and dimension.
A parcel needs to weigh less than 31kg or it will be classified as overweight.
A parcel that exceeds the following dimensions will be classified as bulky.

In order to forward your shipment, please check the individual limitations of weight and dimensions for certain countries. You will find more information in the next sections.

Bulky goods & overweight

A parcel can be classified as bulky and/or overweight. Please have a look at the specific reception fees.
If a parcel weighs more than 31kg it will be charged as overweight.
A parcel will be charged as bulky if it exceeds the given limitations you can find in the above section called "parcel".

To learn about shipping rates and individual limitations for specific countries please have a look at the information given in the Shipping Calculator..
Usually the maximum length is limited from 120cm up to 200cm. At the same time the maximum girth stays limited at 300cm.
The maximum weight for worldwide shipments usually is 20kg up to 31kg. For delivery within Germany it is up to 40kg. But also worldwide delivery up to 50kg and more is possible, using special carriers that we will list soon.

For shipments beyond these limitations, for example pallet goods, please contact our customer service. In this case, we will make you an individual offer.

Excluded goods

First and foremost shipments which may cause injury or infection to people or damage to property are rejected!

Certain goods, objects and materials also won’t be accepted, stored or forwarded.
This in particular applies to biohazards, gasoline, weapons or explosives, intoxicants or drugs, money or other means of payment, shipments that violate laws to protect minors, goods that infringe copyright, perishable goods, human remains, living animals and animal carcasses.
Also everything that violates statutory prohibitions and authority regulations is excluded.

Please note that only shipments sent from within the EU will be accepted at your mailbox account.
For more information and a detailed list please take a look at the corresponding article in the learn section.

Dangerous goods

There are types of goods which are declared as dangerous to deliver, e.g. Lithium ion batteries. Transportation of such goods is a risk when they are not packed or handled correctly. If these goods are not properly declared, packed or labeled incorrectly, health and safety is compromised.
Therefore we provide a section on our proforma and commercial invoices where you have to describe the items you want to have forwarded and if applicable the category of dangerous goods they belong to.

We give a full overview of important information like regulations, categories of dangerous goods etc. in our learn section.


The following tables show all prices relevant for forwarding procedures. To find out how much the shipping rate will be for your package, please have a look on our price lists in the section “shipping rates.”

Letters Tariff Free Tariff Private Tariff Professional
Insurance up to 50,00 € – Registered mail 3,20 € 3,20 € 3,20 €
Letters up to 500g
EU shipping rates 4,70 € 4,70 € 4,70 €
Worldwide shipping rates (incl. registered mail) 7,90 € 7,90 € 7,90 €
Return delivery within the EU 4,70 € 4,70 € 4,70 €
Letters up to 1000g
EU shipping rates 9,80 € 9,80 € 9,80 €
Worldwide shipping rates (incl. registered mail) 13,00 € 13,00 € 13,00 €
Return delivery within the EU 9,80 € 9,80 € 9,80 €
Parcels Tariff Free Tariff Private Tariff Professional
Worldwide shipping rates Go to Shipping Calculator
Customs documents
Customs documents & declaration
Additional insurance up to 2500,00 €
Return delivery within Germany 9,90 € 9,90 € 9,90 €
Return delivery within the EU Go to Shipping Calculator
Additional bulky goods fee - DHL 36,24 € 36,24 € 36,24 €
Additional bulky goods fee - DPD 55,33 € 55,33 € 55,33 €

Calculate your shipment


Prices in EU countries including 19% german tax

in non-EU countries without german tax

All details are without guarantee

No direct offers found, please call +49 3461 4792148 or mail us and check for our other services.


Payment for our service has to be made in advance.
All our prices are in Euro (also given as EUR or €). We accept payments via PayPal and Wire transfer.

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Use tracking numbers to identify and trace a shipment while it is delivered or forwarded. You can use this number to determine the current status of your shipment or to verify the delivery of your shipment.

Links to online tracking for our carriers:

Additional services

In addition to the basic forwarding we offer more advanced services to choose from.
In the following table you can select the entries to get a short description. The full information is gathered in the learn section and you'll find a direct link to the topic of your interest within the table.

Additional services Tariff Free Tariff Private Tariff Professional
Email notification incl. incl. incl.

You always receive notifications about important steps during the forwarding process. For example if we receive a shipment or if we hand the shipment over for forwarding.

More information in the learn section.

Picture of the parcel incl. (upon request) incl. (upon request) incl. (upon request)

We take a picture of the outside of the parcel. It shows the size, label and general condition.

More information in the learn section.

Picture of the parcel's content

We also take pictures of the content of the parcel so that you can see what you get.

More information in the learn section.

Scan of documents (per page)
(25 pages incl./monthly)

We scan documents for you and send them to you via email.

More information in the learn section.

Removal of documents

We also remove documents, for example advertising. If you do not want yourself or your recipient to get them.

More information in the learn section.

Consolidation – Letter (per letter)

We gather letters for you and forward them as a bundle. This service may apply to you if you want to sent many letters that are not urgent and you want to save money.

More information in the learn section.

Consolidation – Parcel (per parcel)

We gather parcels for you and combine them to get cheaper forwarding costs. This way you can get all parcels at once.

More information in the learn section.

Repacking – Parcel

We fix poorly packed shipments for you so that your delivery reaches its destination in the expected condition.

More information in the learn section.

Repacking – Bulky goods 8,00 € 6,00 € 4,00 €

We also split up bulky or overweight goods to fit in the necessary specifications.

More information in the learn section.

Pickup at the warehouse (per shipment) 4,90 € 4,90 € 4,90 €

Pickup at the warehouse of Mailbox Germany.

More information in the learn section.

Disposal of letter 0,75 € 0,50 € 0,25 €

Get letters and magazines you do not want to have forwarded recycled.

More information in the learn section.

Shopping assistance 8% of the purchase value
(at least 9,90 €)
8% of the purchase value
(at least 9,90 €)
8% of the purchase value
(at least 9,90 €)

We help you to shop your products. You tell us what you want and we take care of the rest.

More information in the learn section.

Documents & declaration

Depending on whether you are a private or commercial customer you have to provide a proforma invoice or commercial invoice for each parcel you receive with your Mailbox ID. Based on this data the insurance is determined and restrictions of goods are reviewed.

The proforma/commercial invoice is also necessary to provide customs documents for international forwarding (excluding shipping within the EU). To know if customs documents are required, please have a look at our Shipping Calculator.
In general, it is important to give correct information about the type and value of goods you want to have forwarded to avoid delays caused by customs clearflowance.

All shipments sent outside the EU are delivered with Incoterm DAP – Delivered at Place (named place of destination). Duties are not paid by the exporter under this term.

If the value of one shipment exceeds 1.000,00€ in addition to customs documents a customs declaration has to be provided.

Overview of required documents

Type of document Shipping
within the EU
Shipping worldwide

Proforma/Commercial invoice

Declaration of goods, value and country of origin



Customs documents

Mailbox Germany will provide all necessary customs documents for carriers, e.g. DHL, TNT, GLS



Customs declaration

An electronic customs declaration is required starting from a value of 1.000,00€




This is an overview about the process in general and the specific steps we will notify you about and what they mean:

  1. The "shipment received email" tells you that you received a new shipment.
    In this first email you'll find a link to the next step of our proforma or commercial invoice form.
  2. As soon as you have completed the proforma or commercial invoice we will send you the "invoice added email". This confirmation includes a link to define the next step which will be to choose to forward or to consolidate. You will be able to select different types of shipping, upgrade insurance or choose additional services.
  3. As a next step you will get the "shipment edited email" which will show all billing details and includes a link that gets you to the payment process. If you want to change, revise or add services you can always go back to the previous step and redefine your shipping details. Please note that payment is always in advance.
  4. Finally you will receive a "shipment sent email" including the tracking information.

Get helpful information and see examples of the notification process at the learn section.